Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tramps In Stereo

My cousin Martin invited Brian and I to go along with him last night to see a band he knows play at a local bar.  The band, as I'm sure you've figured out by now, is called Tramps In Stereo.  Martin has a friend who is friends with the lead singer (I wanna say his name is Jesse?) so he really wanted to go see them perform.  Brian and I figured it would be fun to get out of the house and actually do something, so we were more than happy to tag along.

So the venue was this little bar called My Place Saloon which is so new that it isn't even in the Yellow Pages yet.  I couldn't even find them listed online anywhere.  It's in like the only ghetto shopping center in Littlerock, next to some tienda that sells boots where everything is written in Spanish.  The feel inside the saloon is what you would expect from a small bar out in the boonies.  Country folk holding beer bottles.  Cigarette smoke in the air.  Men playing pool while the women try to get their attention.  It kept making me think of Jodie Foster in The Accused.  You know, the one where she gets raped on a pinball machine.

Tramps In Stereo began to play around 10:30 and were done around 11:00.  I'd say they did about five songs and each one was really really good.  The only real downside was that the lyrics were mostly unintelligible because it was hard to make out exactly what he was singing with all the noise and the acoustics...  but they still sounded amazing.  They had this really cool female bass player (who Martin says is new to the band) who had her head shaved into a really cool mohawk (think Robert DeNiro in Taxi Driver) and just looked totally awesome.  Brian leaned over to me and joked, "If she didn't have a vagina I would totally be into her."  Martin thinks she's hot too, unfortunately for them both she's a lesbian (or so people say).

According to their Facebook page, their genre is Electro Pop/Analog Synth/Guitar Bits/60's Mod.  I've never been very good at placing music into genres.  They kinda' reminded me of The Killers if anyone knows who I'm talking about.  Only much more awesome (because they haven't sold out yet, duh).  If you're into music, you should check them out online and see what you think.  I'm sure they would love it if you bought their songs!
Probably the worst photo ever.  I took it using my phone and now they all look like possessed, blurry demons.  You can't even see the drummer... just pretend he's there.

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