Friday, December 31, 2010

My Top Ten Blog Posts of 2010

So it's the end of the year and as I look back at my blog so far, I must say that I'm pretty disappointed with myself.  Sorry I'm so lame, guys.  Wow.  What a lame blog.

But yet people have been reading it.  Somewhere.  Somehow.  For some strange reason.  Here are the ten most popular posts of Joaquin the Chihuahua:

10.  Happy Birthday, Brian!
Maybe it's the adorable cartoons of Brian or the heartfelt quotes from his friends and family, but plenty of people have read this one.  Maybe they were the same people who supplied the quotes...
9.  The Gleek Critique:  "Grilled Cheesus" Episode
My commentaries of the Fox show Glee are always pretty popular, but this one tackling religion and faith was probably my favorite of the second season so far.  Chris Colfer singing The Beatles... what could be better?
8.  Burlesque and Other Drugs
These weren't my favorite movies, but this pair of movie reviews was the favorite of you guys, the readers.  Maybe people perked up when they saw "drugs" in the title.  You know you can't get high by reading this, right?
7.  Another Exclamation Point Update (And Possibly the Last)
It's nice to know that people are interested in me and my professional life.  And by "professional life" I mean my crazy crackpot dreams.
6.  The Gleek Critique:  "A Very Glee Christmas" Episode
Another Glee episode.  I'm guessing people were just starved for something Christmasy.  They needed to get their holiday fix anywhere they could.
5.  The Gleek Critique:  "Never Been Kissed" Episode
I told you people read these Glee reviews.  There was a shocking gay kiss in that episode... maybe that's why people were so interested?  Actually, it's more likely that those reading my blog just aren't doing any kissing of their own... losers.
4.  Harry Potter is My Big Gay Hero!
Gotta' love a catchy title!  I'm sure I hoodwinked people into thinking that I was publicly outing Daniel Radcliffe.  Ha ha ha.  Fooled you all.
3.  Wizard Week:  'Harry Potter' Was Almost a Cartoon!
This was the most popular of all my many Wizard Week postings in November.  I attribute its success to the fan art.  Pretty cool stuff, huh?
2.  My Apology to the LDS Faith
I'm pretty sure this one was only popular because of this next one...
1.  Top Ten Reasons I'm NOT Attending This Weekend's LDS General Conference in Salt Lake City
Unfortunately, this was the blog post with the most page views.  People always love a good controversy I guess.  Now here's the real question:  Who's more controversial, me or the LDS Church?

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