Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Another Exclamation Point Update (And Possibly the Last)

Last Thursday I got an email from my friend Eva, announcing that our highly anticipated contract was in its final stages and would get to me "tomorrow perhaps."  Naturally, I checked the mail on Friday.  Again on Saturday.  Even on Sunday (nobody could convince me that the mail doesn't arrive on Sundays).

On Monday I went to the leasing office of my building, asking if I'd gotten any packages.  Perhaps the contract couldn't fit in my mailbox... maybe it was in one of those document mailers or something.  Maybe it was a giant stack of papers!

The office didn't have anything.  In fact, when I asked again yesterday, they told me to quit asking.  "The postman will leave a note on your mailbox if they leave something in the office with us.  If you don't have a note, than you don't have a package."

"So... there's no chance at all that maybe they forgot the note.  Or maybe my note fell off.  Or maybe..."

"Look, kid.  Nobody's sent you anything."

So you can imagine my surprise today when I checked my email and discovered my contract had been emailed to me!  There it was, ready for me to download, print, and look over!!

The only downside, is that part of the contract states that I'm not allowed to reveal anything related to Tenny prior to the date decided by Eva.  Unless she gives me written permission.  So while I had originally planned to blog about the project and give my readers a taste of my process... I cannot do that.  Sorry guys!!

Well, I've got a $10,000 contract to sign and more than enough work to do!

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