Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Gleek Critique: "Grilled Cheesus" Episode

I love grilled cheese sandwiches too... but you won't find me praying to one.
("Glee" image property of Fox.)
In a TV Guide article I read online earlier today, Glee creator Ryan Murphy commented on tonight's episode on religion.  He said, "We know some of it is comedic, and we laugh.  But we also know the episode could touch a lot of people... it's a very honest take on how we think about religion today.  Some of the kids don't know yet what they believe."

Before the opening credits are even done scrolling along the bottom, Finn has found the face of Jesus in his grilled cheese sandwich (the sort of phenomenon you find in the National Enquirer) and Kurt's father has a heart attack and winds up comatose in the hospital.  These two events cause everyone to start discussing and questioning faith. 

In order to help a struggling Kurt, several of the students with Christian backgrounds tell him to just trust in God.  But Kurt doesn't believe in God, and neither does Sue.  In fact, Sue is quite upset when she finds out that Mr. Schuester is thinking about doing a lesson on spirituality.  Should religion be in schools?  Is there a God?  Are prayers answered?  Do things happen because God wants them to, or because they just do?  All these questions and more are tackled in this episode with heart, warmth, and barrels of laughs.

Oh, and Finn gets to touch Rachel's boob. 

The Pros:
  • I always love hearing Mercedes sing, and tonight's cover of Whitney Houston's "I Look to You" was gorgeous!  And, wait, what's this?  She sings twice this episode!  That's right.  She sings "Bridge Over Troubled Water" in the second half hour with a full gospel choir and clapping congregation.
  • Um, get a load of Kurt's hat when he goes to church with Mercedes!  Fabulous!
  • Although a little strange to have Rachel singing to Kurt's father, I loved when she sang "Papa Can You Hear Me?" from Yentl.
  • Kurt's "I Want to Hold Your Hand", originally sung by the Beatles, had me in tears.  Kurt's love for his father is so strong and sincere.  Their father/son relationship is admirable.
  • Finn's whole side plot, involving three wishes made in prayer, was quite entertaining... especially when all three things came true!
  • Sue's sister saying, "God never makes mistakes.  That's what I believe."  Just perfect.
The Cons:
  • Honestly, I can't think of any this week.  I thought it was the best episode so far this season.  I kept thinking to myself, "Yes.  Glee is back."

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