Monday, December 13, 2010

12 Days: Christmas Party Recap

A Fancy Schmancy Christmas! was a huge success Saturday night.  I was lucky enough to get out of work earlier than I thought that day, so I was able to help Brian out with the rest of the appetizers and the cleaning of the apartment.  We even had time to run to the store and get Brian a new Christmas sweater because shrunk the other one the night before...  Don't laugh at me.

Brian was getting the stuffed mushrooms in the oven and I was washing some dishes when our first guest arrived.  Not the best way to greet our guest, but in our defense, she was ten minutes early!  But by seven o'clock, as more of our friends arrived, we were ready and raring to go.

In addition to the food we provided, some of our friends contributed to the spread as well.  Our roommate Mesun made some pigs in a blanket and really cute little tea sandwiches.  Katie and Tori brought wine, while our friend Kelsey came with some liver paté and her bacon-wrapped water chestnuts.  Then Wendy showed up later with a tray of mini cupcakes.  The food at this party was really exceptional!

But the party benefited from more than food.  I'm happy to say that we have some really fun friends.  Not everyone knew one another, but the mingling and conversing went really well.  Everyone was laughing and chatting and having a gay ol' time (some gayer than others).  At one point we played some party games like Crazy Quandaries and Kiss the Pig (or Kiss the Donald Duck doll in our case) which led to some pretty hilarious scenarios.

And all the while we were passing around my digital camera...


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