Tuesday, December 7, 2010

18 Days: Christmas Cards

Do you know those cheesy Christmas cards that people like to send to friends and family?  Surely you know what I'm talking about.  The family posed around the fireplace, dressed in matching sweaters and beaming with pride.  The dog's wearing reindeer antlers and the baby is lying cutely in a manger with a photoshopped halo over its head.  Scrawled in flowery print is "Merry Christmas from the Smith Family" or, in order to not offend non-Christians, something generic like "Season's Greetings". 

The only thing worse is wedding announcements.  Matching denim.  Bales of hay.

So what did Brian and I do?  We had Christmas cards made of course!  Seriously, who is cheesier than Brian and me?  Come on.  Name one person.  You can't, can you?  Well, "Happy Holidays," folks!

A few days ago we got all dressed up in our new festive outfits (which we bought to wear at our Christmas party... see?  cheesy) and posed in front of our Christmas tree.  We pretended like Brian was unwrapping a gift I had given him.  Gotta' love props!  Then we edited the photo using picnik.com, and today I created the card at vistaprint.com.  Thirty cards for just nine dollars.

Doesn't it just make you jolly?

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Renee said...

aw! yall ar so cute (:


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