Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Thai Food and Chick Flicks

Tonight Brian and I went on a double date with our good friend Katie and her boyfriend Paul.  They decided on a restaurant called Thai Siam and it was delicious.  I had the yellow curry with pork and Brian had some honey ginger duck.  Katie and Paul, being the adorable lovey-dovey couple that they are, shared a plate of Pad Thai.  Maybe if Bri and I shared a plate we could be as skinny as them, but we were just lucky the chairs were made of reinforced steel.

After dinner we headed to a movie, and this time without the benefit of Brian's free movie privileges.  We paid for the tickets! Why you ask?  Brian is no longer working at a movie theater.  He has quit for the second time, thanks to his stupid douche bag manager.  Congratulations, sir, you are an idiot.

The movie we went to see was Morning Glory, which actually came out some time ago.  Brian had already seen it, but the rest of us had not.  Katie picked.  And it was pretty cute.  Not as cute as Katie and Paul though...

I wish we were cute.


Anonymous said...

Daniel and I saw that movie last Friday, it was great!

Katie said...

You are cute, love. I am so blessed by you!


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