Thursday, November 7, 2013


I'm thankful for my coworkers who make life in the jewelry business a little more fun.  I'm thankful that we all get along and that we are all equally crazy, silly and immature.  Like when I'm busy helping a customer, these two take my phone and set the above photo as my new wallpaper.  I'm thankful for our Zales Quote Book, which has hilarious entries such as:  "Get down on your knees and eat me!" or  "I'm mo-la-la-la-la-la-lesting you!" and "I need $111... that's 10 dalmations more than a Disney movie."  I'm thankful that HR has not found said book.  I'm thankful our new manager turned out to be a nice guy and puts up with us.  I'm thankful I don't feel 27.  I'm thankful that Tara, my Work Wife, sends me text messages that say, "I get a open wit ma nigga/boo," when we find out we work the same shift.  I'm thankful to be employed, even if I complain about it half the time.  My work peeps make everything better.

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