Monday, November 11, 2013


I'm thankful for dreams.  At work we have a Dream Board, a suggestion from our district manager.  It's meant to remind us of the true things we work for.  The things we hope to accomplish.  Matt dreams of going to the beach someday and learning how to surf.  Tara dreams of a beautiful home with color-coordinated couches and cushions and curtains.  Kord dreams of being Batman.  I dream that Macaron can get off the ground, and I'm thankful for how far we've come so far.  I'm thankful that the state has approved our recipes, leading the way towards our inspection.  I'm thankful for our friends who keep us busy filling out new orders and promoting us through social media.  I'm thankful for Brian's talents in the kitchen and his ability to stay calm and reassure me that all will work out.  He knows that our dreams will come true.  Our dreams of being financially stable and independent.  Our dreams of travelling back to the Big Apple again or living someplace exciting.  Our dreams of adopting children and forming our family.  I'm thankful for dreams and the opportunities presented me to make them a reality if I'm willing to do the work.

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