Sunday, November 3, 2013


I'm thankful for delicious treats, especially macarons!  Earlier this year, Brian made macarons at his job with Culinary Crafts which sparked an interest in the highly-fussy and high-end French delicacy.  He began to make them at home, trying recipe after recipe.  Months later he had perfected them and I couldn't be any prouder of all his hard work.  His expertise has inspired a business, and I love working with him towards that goal.  Going on a business venture with my husband has been extremely gratifying.  Not only do we get to do something together, but we each get to shine in our individual talents.  Brian's amazing in the kitchen and his product is tasty and beautiful.  I'm good with the visuals, taking pictures, playing with fonts, etc.  I get to populate our social media outlets with photos and promotions.  I get to design our packaging and our business cards.  I do the fun stuff.  But when people say that they love our cookies, I just smile and say, "It's all Brian."  

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