Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Popcorn Poetry 2: Kazoozles

Today one of my managers wrote some cool little poems about various foods from Cinemark.  I followed her example and wrote one of my own.  It's inspired by the Wonka candy Kazoozles which my friend Michelle and I tried for the first time the other night.  We weren't so impressed with them...

a poem by Jack Garcia

Listen, Kazoozles
I feel so bamboozled
Hate to say it, but I'm really mad
You charge a high price
Which isn't so nice

And the truth is, you taste so bad!

Your outside is sticky
Your inside is icky
All sour with the texture of toothpaste
I feel sick to my tummy
Oh, why weren't you yummy!?
All my money has just gone to waste!

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