Saturday, July 30, 2011

25 Days of Jack: Day Four

Did you know that the average American eats 23 pounds of pizza each year?  Or that on any given day 100 acres or so of pizza is being consumed in our country?  That's a lot of pizza!  So it should be no surprise that two of my 25 Days of Jack have now been celebrated with pizza.

Yesterday, however, my birthday craziness was not to blame.

Did you know that here in the U.S. over 10,000 people are born each day?  So with so many people being born all the time (and especially at this time of year) my 25 Days of Jack were bound to overlap other people's birthdays.  I mean, on a nearly daily basis Facebook is reminding me that some friend of mine is celebrating a birthday.  Sometimes several.

Day Three was no different.  Happy (belated) birthday to Pene Lolohea and Katie Scalf!  Katie invited Michelle and I to her birthday party, so we went last night and ate lots and lots of pizza, stuffed our faces with birthday cake and watched a movie with all of her roommates and friends.  It was fun!  We didn't stay long, however, because Michelle and I wanted to visit our friend Wes who was sick.

So my third Jack Day was spent acknowledging other people.  Part of it was a Katie Day.  Part of it was a Wes Day.  It was fun.

I'm not so sure what Day Four will bring...  maybe I can wake Brian up and get him to do something fun!

Oh!  I almost forgot prizes!  Okay, so yesterday's Joaquin the Chihuahua button was won by Mary from Washington!  Here is her winning joke:
Why did the girl fall out of the swing?

Because she had no arms!
Ha ha ha!  It's funny because it's mean!

Another button will go out to the first person to email ( me the correct answer to this question:  What are the names of all three of Brian's sisters?

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