Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Chum Chat: Chelle and Nauvoo

So even though Chelle Clark and I have been working together for three months, we didn’t decide to be friends until a few weeks ago.  What sucks about it most is now she is in Nauvoo.  Far.  Away.  From.  Me.  If only we had become friends sooner.  Think of all the fun we could have had.  Oh well, she was nice enough to do this little interview via Facebook Chat... to keep our friendship alive!

CHELLE:  Sooo... Here I am in a ridiculously small town called Nauvoo.

JOAQUIN:  Ha ha!  Yes, you are!  So for those who don’t know—because I obviously know everything—what are you doing in Nauvoo, Illinois?

CHELLE:  I am living in this cute little three-story Bed & Breakfast.  I will be here until August 15th.

JOAQUIN:  That is very far away!  But at least you will be back in time for my birthday.  So what are you doing besides living in a B&B?  Sounds like a vacation…

CHELLE:  The inn keeper of the B&B is also the manager at the art gallery where I am working.  The owners of the gallery and the inn also own this cute little store/restaurant/hotel that is next door to the gallery called Zion's Mercantile.  Basically I work at all of the above.  I help make breakfast in the morning and prepare the rooms for new guests.  Then when that is done, I go to the gallery and work there.  I frame and package new paintings, I hang paintings, I sell paintings… the whole shebang.  I love the gallery.  Love.  Love.  Love.

JOAQUIN:  Should I assume that it’s LDS art since it’s in Nauvoo?

CHELLE:  You would be correct!  In the gallery we have paintings of temples, the prophets, pioneers, historical paintings of Nauvoo, etc.

JOAQUIN:  Sounds… um… awesome.  Ha ha.  So how did you hear about this job?

CHELLE:  I heard about this job from my lovely neighbor who is basically my second mom.  She came out here last summer with her two sons and worked in the mercantile and the gallery and lived in the inn… just like I’m doing now.  Well, she was so awesome at her job that the owners decided to make her the manager at the new location of Zion's Mercantile.

JOAQUIN:  Oh yeah?  That’s cool.  Where’s that?

CHELLE:  It’s in the Riverwoods in Provo.  Go see it.  It’s lovely and so is the manager.

JOAQUIN:  I will have to do that!  So what do you miss most about your life here in Utah?

CHELLE:  The weather.  No doubt.  I keep forgetting how hot and humid it is here because I am inside mostly all day but then I walk outside to run a quick errand or run over to the mercantile and instantly I am sweaty and gross.

JOAQUIN:  Yikes.  That’s hot!

CHELLE:  I also miss my family, bed, friends, daily naps, no bugs, free time, and Jack of course.

JOAQUIN:  You miss me??

CHELLE:  Is that even a question?  Yes.  Yes I do.  I miss getting letters and poems, watching The Very Potter Musical, making fun of customers in the photo booth, etc.

JOAQUIN:  Those were the good ol’ days.  So hurry back so we can continue those fun times!

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