Wednesday, July 27, 2011

25 Days of Jack: Day One

My friend Michelle was talking about how much she loves her birthday and how she likes to celebrate it the whole month long.  I thought that sounded like a lot of fun!  Together we came to the conclusion that my birthday should also be celebrated with such fanfare.  I mean, it's not every day that a person turns a quarter of a century, now is it?

My birthday is on August 20th, which is 25 days from now!  That means today is Day One of a 25-day celebration of my 25th birthday!

This morning I got an email from Michelle saying:

Ok so I really like this 25 days of birthday fun, even though we might not do something together every day.  So it might be an email, a text, a little present or an activity but I'm doing something each day!
The rest of her email got a little cheesy...  too cheesy to post on this blog actually.  I have a cheese limit.

The point is, I will try to do something extremely exciting and equally egotistical every day leading up to the anniversary of my birth!  Doesn't that sound fun??  And in order to make it less about me (although it really is all about me) I thought I'd give you guys presents too!

How?  Well, I'll ask a question every day and the first one to get me a correct answer will win something!

Today's question is:  What is my favorite color?  (Hint:  It's on this blog.)

Email me the correct answer at and you will win a Joaquin the Chihuahua button!

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