Thursday, July 28, 2011

25 Days of Jack: Day Two

So yesterday was the first day of my 25-day-long celebration, and it was a fun day!  Of course I still had to go to work.  I'm not exactly rich or stupid enough to take nearly a month's vacation from the movie theater.  So I will have to be doing normal daily routine things amidst the birthday fun.

I did, however, wake up to that really nice email from my friend Michelle, then Brian and I ordered Dominos Pizza for lunch while watching a movie, and then after work Brian and I played Monopoly!

In case you were deprived of a childhood and have never played the game, Monopoly takes a really long time to play.  We played for a couple hours late last night and had to put the game on pause.  I'm winning though, which isn't normal for me.  I usually lose and spend the whole game complaining that all I ever do is give Brian my money.  This time it was Brian's turn to be the complainer.  And boy, is he a crybaby!  I felt so bad for him that I pretended to see a spider in the corner just to distract him and sneak him some extra money...

Today I'm offering another chance to win a 1-inch Joaquin the Chihuahua button.  Yesterday's went to a former classmate named Scarlett who lives in Washington!  And the answer was blue, by the way.

So the trivia question is this:  How many times have I moved?  (Hint:  Read the updated "Traveling Gypsy" post.)

Be the first to send it to my email,, to win!

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