Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wizard Week Ask Joaquin: Triple the Potter Questions!

From Jennifer:  How do you predict that J.K. Rowling will add to the series?

Well, I would love it if she came out with a series of books that followed James and Lily Potter’s generation.  I would like to see them in school with Lupin and Sirius and all that.  Rather than a series of books following the adult Harry, I just think it would be fascinating to see more of the back story to these characters that we already know and love.  In the few memories of James and Lily in their younger days, they just seem like such opposites.  James seems like a jerk actually, so I would like to gain a broader perspective of his character.

But I doubt that will ever happen.  An encyclopedia of the Harry Potter universe has been rumored for some time though, so I’m thinking that might be a logical prediction.  J.K. Rowling has recently announced a new interactive website called Pottermore that’s supposed to fill in a lot of the details that she has in her head that have never been written down.  Here she is explaining what Pottermore will be:  

From Michelle:  What parts are you looking forward to watching in the last movie?

A lot of really exciting things happen in the last half of the seventh book that I am excited to see on the big screen.  The big battle at Hogwarts with the giants and the suits of armor…  Molly Weasley dueling Bellatrix…  The final confrontation between Harry and Voldemort…  SO MUCH ACTION!  I’m also really curious to see how they handle the otherworldly scene at King’s Cross and the epilogue at the end when the kids are all grown up with children of their own.  But the scene I want to see the most is where they explain Snape’s past.  I loved that part in the book so much!  Snape is such a fascinating character!

Honestly, I will probably enjoy every millisecond of this movie.  In fact, this reminds me of a spoof The Onion News Network did.  You should watch it if you haven’t already… it's hilarious!

From Elyssa:  If you were the author of the Harry Potter series and you were able to make some revisions to the plot, what would they be?

It’s really hard to answer this question because I love the Harry Potter books so much!  How could a measly mortal such as I attempt to alter the godlike work of J.K. Rowling?  But since you are so curious, the first thing I would do is have Hermione end up with Victor Krum.  Sure he was a little dimwitted, but he’s a professional Quidditch player!  Come on!  Athletes are stinking rich!

Another change would be to have Ginny end up with Dean Thomas.  Have you seen interracial babies?  They are adorable!  Besides, with Ginny and Hermione both dating other people, it frees up Harry and Ron… so they can fall in love with each other!  It’s so unfair that Dumbledore was the only homosexual character…

Speaking of Harry and Ron together, have you seen this YouTube video yet?  Amazing what a bit of editing can do!

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