Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Waiting for Spring

It snowed last night; wet, heavy snowflakes that covered the road in an icy slush.  As I slept, the night sky continued its work, and I awoke this morning to find a winter wonderland much more white and thick than we ever had in December.  Christmas didn't even look this Christmasy, and here we are in April.  If it weren't for the frosted FirstMed billboard, the snow-draped parked cars, or the police siren going off a block away, the scene out my window might look like a holiday greeting card.

I don't think I'm the only one anxious for spring to arive.  A few weeks ago we were treated to bright blue skies and plenty of warmth.  I walked to work without a coat.  I saw people in shorts, people in tanks, people dressed to enjoy the sunshine.  There was that feeling of excitement, like something's about to happen.  Something better.

But it was only a tease.  Just enough to wet our appetites and make us hungry for more.  Gray skies, fierce winds, and lots of wet weather soon made their appearances again.  Why won't spring come?  I feel like the weather outside is making a sort of commentary on my life right now.  Currently I'm waiting for a contract to come in the mail, so that I can begin a $10,000 animation project with a singer/songwriter who I've worked with before.  The project was first spoken of almost a year ago.  Then in September or so I was commissioned to do a short demo so she could present the idea to the big wigs that might produce it.  No one bit.  Time went by, then her publisher decided he would do it.  Like that sunny week that was only here to tease us, we discussed money, a time-frame, we had a plan.  It all seemed like it would be happening soon.  I wouldn't have to work so much at my other job.  I was going to get a new computer.  Things were looking up.

Then the snow came.  It took the New York lawyers far longer than we thought to write up the contract.  Her publisher assures her that it's done, but we still haven't seen it.  We're not at the top of anyone's priority list at this point.  I'm left waiting.  Like everyone else I'm just waiting for the snow to melt and for the spring flowers to bloom.  I'm waiting for the sun to rise on this dark and dreary time of my life.

Poor Brian is waiting too.  He auditioned for AMDA (American Musical and Dramatic Academy) a month back, and we aren't expecting to hear word from them for another week.  The prospect of moving to New York--his dream city--and doing what he loves is exhilirating!  We both feel like we're on the brink of something exciting.  Something better.

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