Friday, April 30, 2010

Bitter Over Lack of Travel

This morning I discovered my friend Jason's blog, which is being written while in London.  Yes, London.  He's doing a study abroad there, and although he's been there a short time so far, his blog is already filled with thrilling misadventures!  Oh, not to mention he's already got 13 people following him... Little Shit!

So while he's having the time of his life, exploring a foreign land and studying theater all the while, I'm here at home growing greener and greener with envy.  Imagine a slightly weak and pudgy Hulk, and you will get a pretty good picture of what I look like right now.  Just a bitter little green chihuahua chewing on his own feces...

And it seems like everyone is going somewhere exciting.  Our roommate Mesun is off to Korea in a month or so for a study abroad, leaving Brian and I alone to suffer without her.  Our friends Tori, Katie, and Darcy are all three going on Christian mission trips this summer in various parts of the world, I have a friend on his LDS mission in Argentina, and where am I going?  That's right.  Brian and I are spending a weekend in Colorado for my brother's graduation in May.  Yep.  Our friends will be in Korea and London having the time of their lives, and we will be in Colorado Springs, Colorado where the deer and the antelope play.

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Miss Kayla said...

At least you have Colorado!! I have no plans anytime soon to go anywhere further than Utah county!


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