Friday, April 9, 2010

Gray Shoes

Just so you know, I want these shoes.

I've become very limited in the color pallette I wear.  A couple summers ago I found myself in only neutral colors like brown, gray, or black.  Everything I bought was one of those colors.  Oh, and blue.  Let's not forget blue.  So blue, brown, gray, black, or white I guess.  Pretty limited.  I liked the way the clothes looked in my closet though.  Almost anything could be paired together.

After a while I grew tired of brown, which is unfortunate because I have a lot of brown shirts, a favorite brown hoodie, and even a pair of brown Converse All Stars.  I don't wear them hardly ever anymore.  Don't really like brown.  It just seemed "in" at the time.

So now I'm just left to the blue, black, gray, and white.  Work hasn't helped much.  I'm only allowed to wear black or white.  In fact, today I looked like I was dressed for a funeral.  Black shoes, socks, pants, shirt, and sweater.  Either a funeral or some sort of gothic convention.  It doesn't really matter though, since both would be depressing and so is work.

So here I am, surfing the web mindlessly looking at clothes.  I haven't bought clothes in a really long time, since money has been so tight for us lately.  I hate being poor.  I did splurge around November or so on some new winter coats.  I guess I didn't really splurge.  Old Navy was doing 50% off all outerwear.  I bet you can guess what colors the coats were.  Yes, they were both gray.

So please, somebody out there in Cyberland, buy me those shoes.  They have crazy stretchy laces and far more grommets than shoes really nead.  And they're gray.  Did I mention they're gray?  I like to wear gray.

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