Sunday, April 4, 2010

Tyisa, My Cousin and Friend

LDS General Conference brings a lot of people to downtown Salt Lake City twice a year.  I used to be one of those people, crossing the streets in a herd of white shirts and ties, blocking traffic everywhere I went.  Yesterday I made the mistake of getting into my car right as the second session ended.  Boy, did I do a lot of sitting and waiting, and all I wanted was some Easter candy!  People everywhere!!

However, the greatest thing about General Conference this time around was that my cousin Tyisa was one of the herd stampeding across the streets!  She lives in California, and growing up, she was one of my closest cousins (the two of us are the oldest).  She's the daughter of my Aunt Kahri, my mom's sister, and is as redheaded as the Holman side comes!  Tyisa is always a laugh, with her laid back attitude and wit.  But as much as I love her, I hadn't seen the girl in two years.  Worse yet, I had kept my homosexuality and engagement to Brian a secret from her for a very long time -- something she kept nagging about the entire time she was here.

So while I've been a sneaky, secretive and downright distant cousin to her lately, she stays the night with the grand announcement, "I'M ENGAGED!"  See?  She tells me things!  Apparently, the guy she's been dating for the last 8 months, Daniel, couldn't wait another minute and right during a musical number by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, surrounded by thousands of people in the large Conference Center, he whispered in her ear, "I can't wait.  Will you marry me?"  To which she responds, "YES!"  So all smiles and giggles they went off to Walmart in search of a temporary $15 engagement ring, and after only 30 minutes of wearing it, she was found sitting in our living room telling us the tale.  Mesun, Brian and I were the first to see the ring.  "Even before my mother," she kept reminding us.  We did feel very priviledged and excited to be around for such an occassion.

So we spent the night playing games and catching up on the many changes we had both gone through.  It was a short amount of time, for she left early this morning, but it was well worth it. Looking back, I feel guilty for ever doubting she would be supportive of me in my life's decisions.  I learned that I truly had a good friend in my cousin Tyisa.  Now I'm just excited for the wedding!!  Let's just pray I have money enough to attend!

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Rachel said...

The ones who know you best and love you the most my wonderful nephew, are the ones that will accept you for who you are, no matter what the decision. If they can't accept you for the wonderful adult you have turned into then maybe they never knew you at all.


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