Sunday, April 11, 2010

Movie Review: 'Date Night'

Yesterday turned out to be a very stressful and depressing day for Brian.  My poor Brian.  Things have just been rough in general lately.  He got a speeding ticket for going too fast out of Park City a week or so back (and almost another ticket the next night for driving too slow during a snow storm, luckily his crying got him a warning only), and just a day or so ago he went out to his car to find a ticket on his windshield because his plates have expired.  The tickets and fines only add to our ongoing money crisis, and we've had to pick and choose which bills get paid and which do not.  Throw in a growing hate for the jobs we have, and a burning desire to do something else with our lives, and you have a recipe for complete dissatisfaction.

So imagine you're Brian, and all that has been going on, and you come home from work to see yet another ticket on your parked car because of the plates, you find that Park City doesn't allow for online payments (meaning an hour drive to their courthouse), and people have left scathing comments on your movie reviews and doubting your abilities as a writer.  Pretty sucky day, huh?

He needed ice cream.  He needed to laugh.  So we hopped into my car and went down to his theater where we got some ice cream and watched Date Night

Date Night movie poster, image property of 20th Century Fox.
 Date Night AWESOME!

The movie stars Steve Carell and Tina Fey as a married couple stuck in a rut.  You can see that they are each going through the motions of life, not really getting enjoyment out of anything they do.  Their jobs are boring, and their dates have become boring.  Until one night, Steve Carell's character decides to shake things up.

As I'm sure everyone knows, they pretend to be some other couple just to get their table, and it becomes a case of mistaken identity as hitmen come to kill them unless they hand over a flash drive that of course neither of them have.  A night of car chases, law-breaking, and general ruckus ensues...all to great comic effect.  Of course it's unlikely that something like this would ever happen to anyone, but that's why we are here to watch.  We want a story!  We want entertainment!  And we want to laugh!!  This movie, was refreshingly funny, and I must give most of the credit to the two stars.  Carell and Fey have really mastered the art of comedy with perfect timing, great improvisation, and charm. 

Brian and I were laughing the whole time, from start to finish, and I think our little date night did the trick.  We came home feeling less stressed about everything and in high spirits.  Just like the characters in the movie, I'm confident that we will survive all this mess we are muddling through currently, and we will come out of it as better, stronger people with a strengthened love for each other.

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