Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thank You

Our local law enforcement was kind enough to remind Brian (through several tickets) that he needed to register his car again, so Monday morning we drove down to Orem where his dad took care of it all. We are very lucky that his dad volunteered to do so, because we definitely didn’t have the $500 it cost to run both the safety and the emissions tests, change the oil, replace a tire, and purchase the new tags.

The whole process took about 5 hours, so most of the day was spent waiting at his family’s house where we listened to lecture after lecture about money. “So why don’t you have any money, Brian?” “Are you getting any more hours, Jack?” “Why don’t you donate plasma?” “Have either of you considered getting a new job with better pay?” “How about a second job?” “Since we’re paying for this, can you at least vacuum the living room…and wash the dishes?”

Don’t people realize that this is what we stress over every day? Yes, we’re poor. We worry about money all the time. But we don’t need people making it worse! If we had the answers to all these questions do you think we’d be in this situation?

Sigh. But all their nagging aside, I’m really grateful for Brian’s parents. Not only have they helped us out both with the car just now and when we needed a deposit for this apartment, but they’ve also sent us home with grocery items almost every time we’ve gone to visit. Our pantry is stocked with all kinds of staples, and I’m very appreciative.

My mom and stepdad have also been a great help lately. My mom paid for my new windshield and a hefty move-out bill from our old apartment, and her husband bought and installed a new car battery for me when they came to visit last month.

We are seriously well taken care of! A coworker sent Brian home with a bag of groceries the other night, and a while ago an old friend and her husband showed up unexpectedly with boxes of food. A friend in our building will leave things outside our door all the time including bed sheets, laundry soap, and a head of cabbage.

So I just wanted to say, “Thanks, everyone, for all your love and generosity!”


Miss Kayla said...

It's kinda like The Giving Tree on 300 south!

ikevin said...

I can't believe Mormon parents would suggest their kid whore out their plasma.


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