Thursday, April 28, 2011

Here's What's Been Going on This Month...

So I feel like this month has been a lot of impersonal fluff.  I've talked about Harry Potter and Glee, I've written some movie reviews and interviews with friends, and I've drawn some comics... but I haven't talked much about my personal life here on what is supposed to be my personal blog!  Sometimes I get so caught up with all the new fun features of Joaquin the Chihuahua that I forget to do what I did in the beginning:  write about my life.

You need to be caught up!
  • Brian doesn't exactly love his job, but he doesn't hate it either.  The only thing that's been a bit frustrating is that they keep changing the purpose of his department.  In the beginning it was to do data entry, and now it is changing to a different sort of inbound call.  I don't really understand it all, but I think he's creating new accounts for customers.  Or something like that.  His hours keep changing too.  He used to go in at ten in the morning, yesterday he went in at eleven, and today he went in at noon.  So I never really know what time he'll be getting home.  I guess 8:30 in the evening now, unless it changes again.
  • Through Brian's work we have made some new friends, which is exciting!  It's been kind of lonely with all our other friends living in Salt Lake City miles away from us, so it's really nice to have some people in Orem that we can hang out with.  A couple weeks ago we met up with Lexi, Quintin, Sam and Colby at a really fun cake shop called The Chocolate.  It's an old house that they've converted into a little dessert cafe.  We've since hung out with Lexi and Sam again eating pizza and watching episodes of Archer and the movie Kinky Boots.  Very fun!
  • My job is going really well actually.  On slow days it can be a bit boring, but overall I enjoy working in concessions.  It's very stress-free and that's what I love most!  Well, that and the fact that I get free movies.  That's a plus as well.  Brian and I have seen ten movies since I've been working!
  • I've also met some fun friends at the theater, but as of yet we haven't done anything outside of work.  Tonight I'm supposed to watch The Conspirator with Michelle, Wesley, Michael and Katie so let's hope that happens!
  • Besides the dinner date with Kelsey and Robert, the only other friends from Salt Lake City I've been able to see are Jenna and Wendy.  We ran into Jenna for a split second while she was at work.  She gave us a huge hug while screaming out, "MY BOYS!"  She didn't even know we were back in Utah, that silly girl.  And my friend Wendy drove down to Orem with her two-year-old daughter Alison to take me out to lunch.  We went to California Pizza Kitchen and then roamed around in the University Mall.  I have to say that going to the Disney Store with a toddler is so much more fun than when I go with Brian.  Sure we are big kids at heart, but there is nothing like seeing a little girl's face light up when she sees Tangled and Tinkerbell merchandise!
  • As far as school is concerned, I am slowly progressing to start in July.  Yesterday Brian and I drove up to meet with my financial aid director.  If all of my classes transfer over (which they should) I'll be considered a junior and will qualify for enough free money and loans to not pay anything upfront.  I'll take three classes my first quarter, and then take four from then on.  That's the plan at least so let's hope everything works out!  I still have a $100 enrollment fee I need to pay before I select my class schedule sometime in May or June.
  • Life with the Keslers has been pretty good.  Brian and I are supposed to be staining the wooden patio chairs and swing, but so far we've only managed to sand it.  It's hard to find time when the two of us are home.  There's also been really bad weather here all month, and we don't want to be staining while it's raining or snowing.  We need sunshine!!  Please, Spring, kick Winter out!
  • Brian has set a goal to have his novel completed by the end of the summer.  Have I ever mentioned that Brian is writing a book?  Well, he is.  What he has so far is really good, so I can't wait for him to finish it!  I need to get on him about writing like he has to get on me about exercising...
  • Speaking of exercising, these last few days I haven't been doing so well at my fitness goals.  Easter came and brought with it lots of candy which I couldn't resist.  Even now there are still eggs full of jelly beans everywhere in the house.  I've also been readdressing a music video project that I had set aside a long time ago.  It's for a group called The Beatards and I finished it today!  Yay!  The last three days I've been at the computer tinkering with that project and not exercising like I should be...  so I'm kinda bummed about that.  I hope I can buckle down today and tomorrow so that my photo on Saturday looks skinnier than the last one!

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