Saturday, April 2, 2011

Indian Food, Miscommunication, and Cancelled Plans

Although Brian's sister Jenny has been living in her current apartment for almost six months now, Brian and I have never seen it.  So last night when we drove up to Bountiful to visit her, she gave us the grand tour including Lou's bedroom (the laundry room) complete with chewed up dog bones.  It's a cute little place in an area she likes, but unfortunately because of a rough breakup there are some unwanted memories in the apartment.  She's been looking for a new abode in a new town, but it's a bit harder to find an apartment when you have a large dog.

We decided she needed a fun little distraction, so we came up to eat and talk and basically just hang out a little bit.  We ordered food from a restaurant called Taste of India in Layton which was pretty delicious.  I hadn't ever had Indian food before, so I went off of Jenny's recommendation and ordered the Chicken Coconut Korma.  She knew what she was talking about, because it was very tasty.  I really loved the sweetness of the coconut, with the cashews and raisins and the rice... oh, so good!  And the naan bread puts Mexican tortillas to shame.

Jenny's a middle school history teacher so we talked a lot about education and history and politics, but we also talked about movies (Brian's biggest passion) and other random subjects.  We ended up gabbing past midnight before we realized the time.  I had work in the morning (or so I thought) so we said our goodbyes and headed home.

The reason I say "or so I thought" is because I went to work this morning only to be turned away.  I had previously been given a sheet of paper with my first week's schedule on it.  According to that little slip of parchment I had orientation Thursday night and my first actual shift was said to be Saturday 10am to 5pm.  However, turns out a mistake was made, because the schedule the managers had posted in the office stated that I was working from 6pm to midnight.  I was asked to go home and return in the evening...

Which really wouldn't have been a big deal if Brian and I hadn't made plans to eat tonight with our friend Kelsey in Salt Lake City!  She missed us greatly while we were away in California, and she's been trying to get together with us ever since we've been back in Utah.  She wanted to treat us to appetizers at one of our favorite places The Copper Onion.  Luckily she didn't make reservations (because they charge you an obscene amount of money for cancellations) and the new plan is to get together Wednesday night, which I think I'm not working.

But now I feel like I can never be absolutely sure...

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