Saturday, April 9, 2011

Good Friends, Gourmet Food, and Fun Gifts

"Welcome Home" gifts from our friend Kelsey!
As I mentioned before, my friend Kelsey has been desperate to see us since we've been home.  We had made plans to have dinner last Saturday night, but because of a work schedule mishap we had to reschedule.  So just a few nights ago on Wednesday, we met up at The Copper Onion in downtown Salt Lake City to once again enjoy each other's company!

Immediately upon approaching the restaurant Kelsey came bounding out the door like a crazed lunatic and swooped us both up in a huge bear hug.  Her husband Robert just stood there laughing at her.  I'm sure he was just as happy to see us, he's just not the huggy type...  Kelsey, however, would not let us go!  It wasn't until Brian's face started turning blue that she got the hint she was suffocating us with her love and affection.

The four of us were seated and once Kelsey ordered for us all, we were able to eat to our hearts content!  I'm sure the meal undid all of the exercising I've been doing lately, but it was so worth it.  Sometimes you have to let your hair down a little, you know?  We started off with cured meat and cheese appetizers on crostini, then moved onto our entrees.  I ordered pasta carbonara again (we ate there for Brian's birthday in October), Brian ordered the risotto, Kelsey ordered ricotta dumplings, and Robert ordered The Copper Onion Burger.  Of course we couldn't help it if our forks drifted over onto other people's plates; good food is meant to be shared!

We ended our fun meal by splitting some tiramisu, and then Kelsey and Robert were kind enough to get the check.  They sure do know how to spoil us!  And the generosity didn't end there.  We went over to their apartment after dinner to watch a movie, and Kelsey brought out the greatest surprises of all:  our "Welcome Home" gifts.  That's right, that crazy girl bought us dinner and presents!  I got an "Angry Birds" stuffed toy that laughs when I squeeze it and Brian got The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook which is full of fun recipes and food facts.  Toys and cookbooks... does she know us or what?

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