Friday, April 15, 2011

Wizard Week Chihuahua Comics: The Duet vs. Good and Evil

You guys thought Harry and Voldemort ended the battle with a DUEL?  No, no, no.  It was a DUET!  A beautifully romantic, yet heart-wrenching duet.  They sang "The Word of Your Body" from the musical Spring Awakening don't you remember?  I guess if you don't know the musical this isn't very funny, so I apologize.  It made me laugh hysterically though, and that's all that matters.  This blog is about my happiness, not yours!

But even though I don't care about you (I'm joking, I love you all), I hope you enjoyed Wizard Week and will all go out to buy the new DVD or Blu-ray now!  I also hope you have checked out my friend Mikell's store.  I know that she officially launched her bottled butterbeer concentrate online last night, so be sure to order some!  And don't forget the special coupon code!

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Shannon said...

Dude, that is just wrong! haha


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