Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Movie Review: 'Source Code' is a Good Source of Entertainment

Source Code movie poster, property of Summit Entertainment.

The creators of Source Code knew how to draw Brian and I in.  They cast Jake Gyllenhaal as the lead!  We love him... swoon.  However, as much as we love him, we don't always love the movies he is in.  Like last year's Prince of Persia?  Embarrassing.  But Source Code?  Really quick-paced, entertaining, and fun!

The movie starts off immediately in the middle of the action.  Our hero, Colter Stevens (Gyllenhaal), awakens to find himself sitting on a commuter train in Chicago, seated across from a beautiful woman who seems to know him.  Her name is Christina Warren (Michelle Monaghan) and she keeps calling him Sean.  Who's Sean?  Why is he there?  He goes to the bathroom and sees another face in the mirror.  And as if things couldn't get any weirder, there's a huge explosion and he's whooshed to a new location where he's talking to a woman named Goodwin (Vera Farmiga) through a computer screen.  She tells him that he's on a mission to find out who bombed the train.  "Find the bomb and you'll find the bomber," she says.

And so she sends him in again, to relive the same 8 minutes over and over.  All this time travel is explained with some quantum physics mumbo jumbo that might not necessarily make any sense but doesn't need to.  If you over think the science, you won't allow yourself to have any fun.  With each new attempt at completing his mission, he finds himself getting to know Christina.  It's obvious that he's beginning to like her, and so he decides that he doesn't just want to find the bomber, he wants to stop the explosion.  He wants to save Christina's life.  Goodwin's scientist boss Dr. Rutledge (Jeffrey Wright), insists that this is impossible and only wants him to focus on the task he was given.  But adding to the complexity of things, Colter's getting to be curious of the circumstances that brought him to be on this mission in the first place... and the movie just gets more and more interesting with each new journey into the "source code."

I only have two small criticisms for the movie.  One, is that I wish we could have learned about Christina's character a bit more.  Colter begins to care about her so much that he wants to save her and be with her, yet I don't really buy it since he keeps seeing her in the same 8 minutes of her life.  She basically says the same things over and over.  And two, I felt like the ending was a bit too happy; a bit too convenient.  But both of those complaints are only minor.  They really didn't bother me too much, because the movie was just so gosh darn entertaining.  Go see it!

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