Friday, September 17, 2010

Our Hall: Utilize Every Nook and Cranny!

We've all got those random little corners and niches that seem to have been forgotten by the architects who drafted our floor plans.  In our apartment, there's that odd nook at the end of the hall and the wasted space by the front door.  But when you are living in a small apartment, square footage is still square footage... no matter where it is!

With the space in the hall, we were lucky enough that Ryan - our newest addition - happened to have the perfect piece of furniture for it.  It's an entry table with four drawers, tall legs, and painted in a distressed red.  Besides providing great storage (who doesn't have a "junk" drawer?) it's also a great place to display some more things, like monogrammed mugs and an Eiffel Tower lamp!  The artwork provides a great background... definitely more attractive than the phone jack hiding behind it.

We also utilized the small space in the entryway to display our "fine china" (which is actually a pretty sparse assortment of tableware).  I guess it might seem an odd place to display them, but our entryway is also our dining room.  Oh, the joys of apartment living.  However, the glass and white stoneware look very crisp and sharp against the dark shelves, and I finally found a place to put the framed photographs my Uncle Gabe sent me.

Now that concludes the tour of our apartment.  For this week at least.  Hope you've enjoyed it!

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