Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cabbage Soup Diet: Day Two

After posting last night I got to be so very very hungry.  No amount of grapes could fill me up!  I was craving almost anything and everything.  What's on Food Network?  Oh, bad idea.  Aah!  Commercial for Toaster Strudels.  We have Toaster Strudels.  I could get one out of the freezer right now and toast one... NO!  No.  Eat some peaches, Jack.  Turn the TV off, go into the kitchen and... no, not the kitchen.  Get out of the kitchen!

Today is all about vegetables. This morning Brian had carefully put raw vegetables into bags for me.  One was marked "Breakfast" so I tried to gnaw on some carrots while getting ready for work.  I ate maybe half a carrot and some water before rushing out the door.  After work I had some spaghetti squash (I actually really really like spaghetti squash by the way) and some cabbage soup.

The best part though, would have to be the baked potato!  That's right, something resembling food I ate before the diet.  Day two of the diet allows for one baked potato at dinner with butter even!  Yes, butter.  So that baked potato with butter was like nirvana.  I was literally licking the plate.

This diet's been tough so far, but I'm going to stick it through.  Brian feels more full and satisfied than I do, and keeps telling me that I don't have to do the diet if I don't wanna.  But I need to lose the weight as much as he does, and if he's going to be all skinny so will I!

My friends and family haven't been very supportive though.  Here's what a few of them have been saying:

 Totally unsupportive right?  If they were a bra, I'd return them.

However, I have all the faith in the world that this diet will work.  In fact, this diet will work so well, I won't even have to wear a bra at all.  My man boobs will be history.

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Mishqueen said...

I wish I had made some witty yet unsupportive comment, if only to see what I look like in your cartoon art. ;)


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