Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cabbage Soup Diet: Day Three

Wow.  Sorry for the sudden outburst.  It was almost like a weird symptom of Tourette Syndrome.  Instead of yelling obscenities I just shout out my distaste for diet foods.

To be fair, the cabbage soup Brian made is actually pretty tasty (well, obviously, this is Brian we're talking about here) and I don't really hate it.  It's just that I've had 6 bowls of it over the last 3 days... and I've got 4 more days to go.

Day Three was a combination of the first two days, meaning both fruits and vegetables along with my soup.  When I got home from work, Brian had a veggie tray and a fruit tray sitting out for us.  While we watched an old DVD of The French Chef with Julia Child making deliciously fatty meals, we were eating broccoli.  Raw broccoli.  Without Ranch to dip it in, it's not very good.  I had Brian steam the broccoli for me, and it tasted much better.  However, it made me wish that it was covered in melted cheese...  and alas, there is no cheese on any day of the diet.

Oh, I must mention that there was one thing from yesterday that was not permitted today.  The baked potato.  And no baked potato means no butter.


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