Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cabbage Soup Diet: Day Six

Oh boy.  What can I say?  I failed, guys.  We both did.

Day Six of the Cabbage Soup Diet, in case anyone wants to do it, is soup plus all the beef you want, plus vegetables.  We were doing well, up until we went to Brian's family's house for a visit.

You see, Brian's sister Jenny wanted us to get a movie for her through our Netflix account.  It came in the mail on Friday, and Sunday was a day off for both of us, so it was agreed that we'd take it down to her and visit the family as well.  We hadn't been down to see them in well over a month.

Little did I know, Brian's mom was planning a dinner for us.  Not only that, but it was a dinner in my honor.  A surprise, belated birthday feast!  And how could I say no to something so sweet and heartfelt?

So birthday cake proved to be our downfall.  No more Cabbage Soup Diet for us.

However, we did manage to lose weight in the five days we did it.  I lost an inch off of my stomach and 8 pounds!  So if you see a really skinny guy eating birthday cake, that's probably me.  I'm skinny now.

Well, skinnier.

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