Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Gleek Critique: "Prom Queen" Episode

Puck, Artie and Sam performing at McKinley's prom.  Image property of Fox.
The kids of New Directions are performing at prom, no matter how hard Sue Sylvester protests.  The entertainment for the big night has fallen through, and Principal Figgins figures it's a budget-friendly way of filling the bill.  Sue just requests that they not sing any stupid songs... like "Run, Joey, Run."

When Puck finds out that everyone thinks Zises wears the pants in their relationship, he decides he really needs to regain his reputation of being a tough guy.  His plan is to spike the prom punch bowl with alcohol, but he needs Artie's help to do it.  Without the love of Brittany anymore, Artie figures he has nothing to lose.

Kurt asks Blaine to go to prom with him, and he's a little hesitant to accept.  He had tried to go to a school dance with a boy he liked a few years ago at his old school, and it resulted in them both getting a beat-down from some high school guys.  Eventually he agrees to go.  Although things at school seem fine, at prom Kurt discovers that kids are still hating on him.  They've voted him as their Prom Queen just to make fun of him.  Kurt is supposed to dance with Karofsky (the Prom King) but Karofsky just couldn't handle it, even though he clearly has feelings for Kurt too.

Mercedes and Rachel asked Sam to take them both, but when Jessie St. James comes back into Rachel's life, the trio becomes a double date.  Finn becomes ridiculously jealous of Jessie and Rachel, and he decides to duke it out with Jessie at prom.  Quinn in turn slaps Rachel!  Such drama!  But it looks like perhaps Sam and Mercedes might become an item... but that's just hopeful optimism on my part.

The Pros:
  • Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" performed by Rachel with the unexpected surprise of Jessie St. James' return was nothing short of spectacular.  I really loved turning the song into an a capella duet... awesome harmonies!
  • Mercedes saying "I thought this song was about a baby..." when Artie serenaded Brittany with Stevie Wonder's "Isn't She Lovely" was funny.  Too bad Brittany is still mad at Artie...
  • Rebecca Black's popularity just rises and rises doesn't it?  Not only has her music video "Friday" gone viral on YouTube, but now Glee is covering the song!  (Of course Glee does it better)
  • Quinn looked so beautiful in her prom dress!
  • "I'm just showing you my dental kit..."  Ha ha ha!  I loved when Sue Sylvester was torturing Artie for information after he was caught spiking the punch.  "You are the worst POW ever!  John McCain is rolling in his grave!"
  • Blaine's performance of "I'm Not Going to Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You" by the Black Kids was pretty sexy cool.  It doesn't help that I already have a little crush on Darren Criss...  too bad Finn and Jessie were fighting throughout it!
  • I love that Blaine and Kurt got to have their dance together... and in front of everyone!
The Cons:
  • Kurt's fashion choices are very bold and I applaud that... but no man should wear a kilt to prom.  Hideous!
  • When Kurt's name was announced as Prom Queen my heart stopped.  It was so quiet and so awkward...  Although that part was done very well, everything that followed was a little big over-dramatic.
  • Quinn slapped Rachel and Rachel didn't even get mad.  I would have slapped her back!
  • Karofsky still needs to man up!

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