Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Gleek Critique: "Funeral" Episode

Kurt sings "Some People" from the musical, Gypsy.  Image property of Fox.
Jessie is the glee club's new consultant, and he doesn't seem to think that Finn should sing any solos at Nationals.  Now Finn's confidence is shattered and his hate for Jessie is intensified.  But he's not the only one who can't stand him.  When Jessie decides that everyone should have to audition for solos, his harsh critiques get under some people's skin.  Thankfully Mr. Schuester kicks Jessie to the curb in the end, and decides that New Directions will perform as a group, and not as individuals.

Meanwhile, Terri is helping Sue to alter the glee club's plane route, sending them to Libya instead of New York.  Seems like Sue is just as mean and cruel as ever.  So mean, in fact, that she's kicked little Becky off of the Cheerios squad.  But it turns out that all of this rage is bubbling up due to the fact that her sister Jean has recently passed away.  Sue struggles to cope with this death, and reaches out to Mr. Schuester and the glee club kids who help her to plan the funeral.  She's so moved by their love and support that she comes clean about her devious schemes and even wishes them good luck as they head to Nationals next week.

Hearing Sue talk about how she always felt "tethered" to her sister in a way, Finn realizes that he doesn't feel that way about Quinn... but rather, with Rachel.  After the funeral he breaks up with Quinn, who refuses to accept it.  But the timing couldn't be more off.  Now that he's free to pursue Rachel, he finds that she and Jessie seem to have gotten back together.

The Pros:
  • Once again Sue Sylvester has depth!  With the death of her sister, her vulnerable side broke through her tough exterior...  there were some very powerful scenes with her, especially her funeral speech (with the help of Mr. Schuester).  Way to go, Jane Lynch, for delivering a terrific performance.
  • Rachel's gold star stickers are back!  Hee hee.  Reminded me of the first episode... aw.
  • Great auditions from Santana, Kurt, Mercedes and Rachel.  These four really are the strongest singers of the bunch, aren't they?  I loved Santana's "Back to Black" by Amy Winehouse, Kurt's "Some People" from Gypsy, Mercedes' "Try a Little Tenderness" by Otis Redding and Rachel's "My Man" from Funny Girl.
  • I was very happy that the funeral scene and the breakup scene were both done without a sappy score.  Silence!  Beautiful silence really aided the emotional impact of those scenes.  The performances really stood on their own.  (And I'm overjoyed that Finn broke up with Quinn!)
  • Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory's "Pure Imagination" performed by the entire glee club was beautiful!  I loved it!
  • Terri Schuester is now moving to Miami to manage a Sheets 'N Things store.  That means she's out of Will's life for good!!  Thank you, Jesus!
  • Rachel, to Santana, "How do you get that raspiness?"  Santana's response?  "I smoke cigars."  Ha ha!  Love it!
  • There were older songs and show tunes tonight!  YES!
The Cons:
  • Sue Sylvester's sister passed away, and I bawled my eyes out.
  • I'm sad that Finn saw Jessie kissing Rachel, right after breaking up with Quinn.  I just want Rachel and Finn back together!!  Please make it happen, people!
  • Jessie St. James' character is much more annoying than it was last season.  Seriously, I just wanted to punch him in the face all night.  Grr!
  • Where was Blaine?  Why didn't I hear his beautiful voice tonight?  And speaking of characters who are M.I.A., whatever happened to Coach Beiste?
  • Only one more episode left of this season.  :(


~BeX~ said...

Um...Sue's sister was Jean, not June. But, yes, I bawled like a baby!

Samuel said...

I really need to catch up!!

msjverb said...
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