Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Glamorous Normalcy

Clock in.  Clock out.  Clock in.  Clock out.

After snoozing my cell phone four times, I roll out of bed and groggily stumble towards the bathroom door.  I need to shower and get dressed for work.  I am less than enthused this particular morning, because it is my seventh consecutive workday and I desperately need a break.  My late start results in no breakfast or time to pack a lunch, so with a grumbling tummy I punch my virtual time card and begin my long eight-hour day.  Memorial Day crowds are intense, and it's popcorn popcorn popcorn all shift long.  As I fill up tub after tub of piping hot saltiness I can't help but feel like the majority of my waking hours is spent at the theater.  Working.

Although work threatens to consume me, my life isn't exactly all work and no play.  Blissful moments of fun pepper my life and enrich it.
  • Blankets tented over dining room chairs create the perfect fort for Brian and me.  Nestled cozily within our childlike wonderland amidst pillows and blankets, the two of us play games, read books, eat popcorn, and giggle gleefully.  Twenty-something doesn't have to be so old...
  • Pancakes, laughter, gossip, funny work stories and movie-related conversation.  Just a simple coworker get-together at IHOP.  Another one is scheduled soon at Denny's.
  • Tickets have been purchased, lights are down, snacks in hand, cinema magic flickers on the big screen.  Whether its Bridesmaids with Stephen and Lexi or Jane Eyre with Samuel, Brian and I enjoy seeing movies with friends.
  • Rain pours down by the bucketful, turning the view through the windshield into a watercolor of city lights and night sky.  The jeep stereo adds sound to the airy waterstrokes as we ride to The Cheesecake Factory.  Once inside we wade through the sea of clinking silverware, happy voices, and hurried waiters' footsteps towards the beacon of birthday balloons at the longest and fullest table.  It's our friend Quintin's birthday and we all enjoy a terrific meal together.
  • Old episodes of Sex and the City shine from a laptop as a small group of friends crowds onto a couch to watch.  Strawberries, pasta, whipped cream and delicious fudge brownies often make an appearance at our weekly "Sexy Sundays" at Quintin and Lexi's apartment, but the real star is Sarah Jessica Parker and Quintin's obsession of her.
  • Brian flutters about the kitchen like a caged butterfly, beautifully landing here then there as he whips up the most terrific and spontaneous meals.  A four-course French meal with the family and late-night Gâteau de Crêpes à la Florentine for only the two of us.  Just because.
My life is glamorous in its normalcy.

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