Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Shocked by a Stranger

Buzzing along the conduit of electricity that is our hallway system at UVU, I was shocked when a comment was directed at me.

"Hey, I saw you earlier."

Quickly redirecting and reprogramming, my mind switching from look-down-keep-moving mode to acknowledge-fellow-human-being mode, I turned to take in the speaker.  He was a guy roughly my age and height, latino, and a complete stranger.

"Oh," I said dumbly.  "Hey."  I rejoined the traffic stream of bright-minded college students, but a quick glance to my left found that he had too.

Matching my speed, he continued, "You were walking in the hall.  A few hours ago."


"Do you always have class this late?"

"Yeah, I'm on campus until  6:45 usually.  Get here at 11:30."

"Oh neat.  What are you studying?"

Pausing slightly to wait for a gap, we turned left at the corner and entered another hallway, this one less populated.

"I'm an English major," I said.

"Spanish Education."  He smiled as he said it.  His teeth, flashing like a beacon, were perfect.

"K, well, I'm heading this way," I said, turning abruptly into a side hall.

"Oh... See you around!" he called after me.

I had no need for the hallway I took and after waiting a reasonable amount of time, I reversed my direction and came out the way I came.  Some more reprogramming was necessary, so I shook my head, pulled out my phone and sent my husband, Brian, a message.

"I love you, honey.  Moomoos."

And sensing my need for a response, he replied seconds later.

"I love you too."

Then I lost service in the winding underbelly of campus.

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