Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ask Joaquin: Who is Veronica?

From Cheryl:  Hey, so I just read your newest comic and I don't get it... I mean, who's Veronica?

Hey, Cheryl!  Great question.  Let me give you a quick rundown as to who Veronica is.  Veronica is a white statue of a woman's torso.  As you can see from the comic, she has no legs, arms or head.  I bought her for an online drawing class I took a few years ago and since then she's just been a part of our household.  In every past apartment we've ever lived in she's been displayed on a table or shelf in the living room somewhere.  And since she's a naked lady in a gay man's house, she's quite the conversation starter!

Our first roommate, Tess, is responsible for naming her Veronica and since then she's been a running joke.  She even had her own Facebook account once.  Brian's mom is especially fond of Veronica.  For Christmas one year she bought Veronica a gift which turned out to be a bra.  For Valentine's Day once, his mom sent us a photo of Veronica dressed in sexy lingerie.  When we moved into this apartment, we didn't bring Veronica with us, so on April Fool's Day Brian's mom doorbell ditched Veronica on our doorstep with a coat and a note that said, "How could you leave me locked in a closet?"  The latest comic is somewhat based on that experience... we were indeed shocked to find Veronica on our doorstep!

As far as comics go, before I called them Chihuahua Comics they were called Veronica and Friends and they featured our then-roommate Mesun as well.  I even did an animated short of Veronica and Friends entitled "Poop" which featured neither Mesun nor Veronica (except for the opening title).  I've posted the short on this blog before, but here it is again:

Veronica's really only been drawn in a comic a handful of times and for a short stint she hacked into my blogger profile and began posting horribly-drawn and mean-spirited comics of Brian and I.  I have since deleted them from this blog and destroyed all remaining copies.  That's partly why we left her behind when we moved.  But now the diva is back to ruin our lives...

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