Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ask Joaquin: How Do You Make Your Comics?

From Jerry:  How do you make your Chihuahua Comics?  I mean, what's your process?

That's an excellent question, Jerry!  Obviously I draw them.  Usually with a pencil.  On paper.  But if you really want to know the whole process, I'd be delighted to share it with you.

Every Chihuahua Comic begins with an idea.  Not necessarily a good idea, but the best one my little pea brain can come up with.  A lot of the time I jot down ideas when I'm at work, like this:

Then I get a regular ol' sheet of 8.5x11 inch white copy paper and, with a ruler, draw out the frame layout.  I roughly sketch in how I want each frame to look (where the character will be, where the speech bubbles will go, etc.).

Once I'm satisfied with the layout, I'll use a pencil to refine the rough sketch and draw the cartoon.  Sometimes I'll take a photo of myself as a reference to make sure I get the gestures right.  And yes, I stand in for everybody.

Once the pencil drawing is complete, I'm ready to go over the lines with a black Sharpie marker.

Then I erase all the pencil lines and the comic is almost finished...

...except for the color!  Yep, just some Crayola colored pencils.

Once the comic has been colored, it's ready to be scanned into the computer.

The first thing I do once it's in the computer is take it to PicMonkey.Com to rotate it (it scans in vertical) and adjust the colors.

Then I use Paint to put black bars between each frame and add the "Chihuahua Comics" logo, title and date.

Now the comic is really done and I can put it into a Blogger post.

And voila!  Just like that each Chihuahua Comic appears on my blog for everyone to enjoy.  I hope that answered your question, Jerry.  If there are any follow-up questions, shout em out in the Comments section below.

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