Monday, August 6, 2012

Renee's Wedding

My family is a bit... unconventional.  We don't always do things the way everybody else does them.  And my sister's marriage was no exception.  For starters, my sister is still a teenager (and so is the groom Jaylon) and on top of that, she's like 7 months pregnant.  Yeah, we're awesome like that.

And the unconventionality of my family extended to the actual wedding ceremony itself.  Planning isn't one of our strong suits, so it was no surprise when Brian and I arrived in Colorado late Thursday night and heard that there was still a ton to do before Saturday morning.  My dad and stepmom were freaking out to put it mildly, so we volunteered to help as much as we could.

The church where the ceremony was to be held decided to do some upgrades the week of Renee's wedding, and while they thought they'd be done by Wednesday, they were not.  The inside was a mess and it reeked of fresh paint.  So my dad got the brilliant idea of pushing the ceremony outside in the little courtyard in the back.  We'd have to mow the lawn and move all the chairs, but it could be nice.  Somehow we'd get the piano outside too.  Maybe.  That might be tricky.  But we could do it.

So with the new plan in mind, Brian and I went with Patricia and Renee to Michael's to buy some fake flowers and stuff to whip up some last-minute centerpieces and some ribbon to adorn the aisle somehow.  When on a tight budget and pressed for time, some interesting things happen.  However, they didn't look half bad.  And other aspects of the wedding were going just fine.  A friend had brought the cake over, the catering was taken care of and maybe just maybe we would get it all together in time.

Later Friday night we had the rehearsal.  When Renee and Jaylon finally showed up an hour late, Jaylon's mother expressed that she was expecting 40 or so people from their side alone and we all began to doubt whether we could fit everyone outside.  So we changed our minds and decided that if we kept the doors open and the fans on maybe the paint smell wouldn't be so bad and we would just have the ceremony indoors after all.

Oh, and guess where the rehearsal dinner was held?  Burger King.  Yep, we're unconventional and super classy.

The morning of the wedding we woke up and headed to the church where the hectic craziness continued.  The tablecloths were square and the tables were round.  The caterers forgot a few things and had to go back for them.  Nobody remembered to get music for the reception.  Guests started to trickle in but they were all waiting outside and nobody could convince them to take their seats.  Then it was time to start and Renee was still getting dressed.  She had forgotten her slip and had sent Jaylon back to their house to get it.  My grandparents got lost on their way from the hotel, but by the time they arrived, the bride still wasn't ready.

The 11:00 wedding finally began at 11:45 and the guests were finally seated, tripping over the ribbon we swagged down the aisle.  The flower girl cried and refused to throw petals.  But when my dad led my sister into the room and everybody stood, all the stress melted away.  She looked so beautiful as she smiled with excitement and nerves combined.  I had the privilege of asking who gave the bride away, and my dad said "Her mother and I."  I almost wanted to stop him.  She was my little sister all grown up.

The rest of the ceremony went off without a hitch.  My dad gave a beautiful sermon, Jaylon and Renee exchanged teary vows, exchanged rings and kissed sweetly, and then my mom played them out on the piano as husband and wife.

I hope the best for my sister and new brother-in-law.  They are young, financially unstable, and about to bring in a daughter so I just pray they can make it.  And you know what?  I think it'll all work out for the best.  Because my family may not be conventional, but we sure the hell are strong.


Mishqueen said...

I love the photos! Keep 'em comin'!

Morgan Mikel said...

Sounds wonderful!


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