Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Sunday and Stuff

March had me posting daily, so when the Optimism Challenge ended I sighed a breath of relief and took over a week off from blogging.  I was all blogged out! So what happened in my life during this brief hiatus?  I'll tell you!
Veronica is back!
  • April Fool's Day reared its ugly head.  I thought it would be funny to trick people into thinking Brian and I had broken up, so I changed our relationship status on Facebook and posted some vague thing about things being crappy just when I thought they were good.  It worked a little too well and a lot of people seemed genuinely sad about it.  My boss, Jen, was a little suspicious that I was just joking, but when I sent her a text saying I was too distraught to come into work I seemed to convince her.  I eventually texted "APRIL FOOL'S!" but not before she called a coworker and told her to come work for me.  Oops.  
  • Part Two of April Fool's Day happened later when I got the idea to change Brian's birthday to April 1st on Facebook.  The birthday greetings started rolling in and it was pretty funny!  What's even funnier is that Facebook wouldn't let him change it back for a few days.  And keeping with the funny and not cruel jokes (because I now see that calling "wolf" about a destroyed relationship is a little mean), Brian's mom and sister doorbell ditched us, leaving our old statue Veronica on our doorstep with a funny note: "How could you leave me locked in a closet? I thought we were friends!" We couldn't stop laughing!!
  • Michelle and I saw Titanic 3D in theaters and it was so much fun.  I could care less for the 3D (which was barely noticeable) but it was a treat to see it on the big screen again.  I don't care who you are, that movie is a classic!  A classic, I say!
  • I wrote my very last paper for my Literary Theory class!  Yay!  Sometime this month I'll post them all for your utter boredom... I mean enjoyment.  No, no.  I mean boredom.  We get a bit of a reprieve in that class while my professor attends a conference and when she comes back it's just time for the review and the final exam.  I'm on the final stretch!
  • I've started exercising to the Insanity DVDs.  So far, so good.  We'll see how long that lasts... because a membership to Planet Fitness sure didn't pan out.
  • Easter Sunday!  Brian and I went to his family's house in the morning to decorate Easter eggs.  After our not-so-beautiful attempts at decorating eggs (because let me tell you, they do NOT come out looking like the pictures on the box), we all attended church as a family.  The last time I went to church was on Christmas, so essentially I've become what is known as a "Creaster."  Anyway, I know Brian's mom was happy to have us all there.  Later in the day we had dinner at Brian's grandparents' in Spanish Fork.  It was a very enjoyable holiday.

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