Monday, August 20, 2012

Birthday Dinner with the Keslers

My birthday celebrations continued yesterday with a family dinner at the Kesler house.  Jenny brought her dog Lou; Amy had a friend, April, visiting from New York; Courtney invited her on-again off-again beau, Kevin; and Mama and Papa Kesler invited the grandparents.  It was a full house!

Brian made us all Tikka Masala for dinner and it was delicious!  He was very proud of how fluffy the rice came out and couldn't stop praising himself.  We couldn't stop talking about it either!  For dessert there was a chocolate birthday cake, peanut butter ice cream, and various homemade pies.  I figured since it's my birthday I can make exceptions on my diet...  Lots of sweets for me!

Afterwards Brian and Amy entertained us all by playing show tunes on the piano and serenading us with their terrific voices.  I wish we had a piano at our apartment so Brian could play for me all the time!  I bet our neighbors are grateful we don't, though...

Anyway, I'm grateful for Brian's family and the love they show me.  With my family so far away, it's nice to have them close by, ya know?  To love me and spend time with me.  Oh, and I really like it when they give me birthday money.  That part's the best!

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