Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Paychecks, Work Clothes, and Hobo Pee

I don't know if you know this, but when I first started working at Fancy-Clothing-Store-For-Rich-Faces (don't want to get fired, ya know) I was only getting like 8 hours a week.  Then it bumped up to like 12-15 hours.  You should have seen my paychecks.  Wow.  $58 huh?  Ooh.  This one's big.  $125!  "I'm so rich."  That was sarcasm.  It translates to: "I'm so poor I might as well roll over into the gutter and let hobos pee on my face."

But these past few weeks have been phenomenally better.  My last paycheck was about $250, and this next one should be about $330 or so after Uncle Sam takes out his sizable portion.  Rude!  And I know that most of you reading this probably got a bigger allowance as a kid than I'm making as an adult, but to me, bringing in $600 a month is a whole lot more beneficial than when I was contributing a mere $100.  All I can say is, I'm very thankful for Brian and the long hours he works at the Movie-Theater-In-The-Questionable-Part-Of-Town (our bosses really don't want us mentioning the workplace, sorry).

Now that I'm going to work more days a week, I'm suddenly very aware of the lack of work-appropriate clothes I have.  It wasn't so bad before when I only showed up once in a blue moon.  But now I'm starting to see the same people various times a week.  In fact, everyone I saw yesterday I saw today and will see again tomorrow!  They're going to find out that I only have like three work outfits!

So I have no idea what to wear to work tomorrow.  And worse yet, my boss mentioned that our district manager will be visiting.  "Yep, she'll be here tomorrow, Jack.  So wear something really nice, okay?  Something spiffy like what you've got on today."  Like what I've got on today?  Is she joking?  This is the only spiffy thing I own!  And it's not even that spiffy!  I've worn these pants every day this week...

Sigh.  That hobo/gutter idea is sounding better by the minute.  Nobody expects a hobo to change clothes.

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