Monday, March 22, 2010

Wishing I Was Unemployed

So it is 1:00 in the morning as I begin writing this. Today (I'm referring to Sunday here, my mind doesn't register a new day until it goes to sleep...) was a very long, tiring day. It didn't begin all that early I suppose. I woke up at 10:00, and didn't have to be at work until noon. But it's the fact that I had to be at work, that makes my day feel so long and tiring. Even short shifts feel long. Even tiny, measly, hardly-making-money 3-hour shifts can drag on and on and wear me down until I am nothing. And today was a ten-hour shift.

Okay, so it didn't start out as a ten-hour shift. I was scheduled 12-7, which always means 12-6:30 because we count those registers and sweep up as quickly as possible. Who doesn't want to get home faster, even if it means losing the $5 one could have made working an extra half hour? But today was not one of those clock-out-quickly days for me.

You see, I sell lotion all day. Lotion and hand soap. Well, lotion, and hand soap, and candles. And PedEggs. Also the occassional rubber duck, but you get my drift. I work at a store in the mall that sells girly things for your body and your home. I'm pretty sure I'd get fired if I mentioned the name of said store (not that being fired isn't something I often dream of as a day of liberation), so I'll just let your mind envision me working in the store of your choice.

So I was there all day, smiling and talking out my ass, counting down the hours until 6 o'clock when we lock the doors. Tonight was a little different, because we were doing what we call a floorset, which is when we bring out new products, set up the tables differently, and change all the marketing to go with whatever new theme the corporate office has concocted. So after we closed, the store began to fill up with employees. I didn't have to work it, obviously, since I had already been there all day. However, I soon discovered that my roommate Mesun was scheduled to work it, yet no one had let her know, and she is currently enjoying spring break in New York City. So, seeing as I'm the responsible, jump-up-to-the-plate member of the management team, I said, "Don't worry, I'll stay and cover for her!"

I'll stay and cover for her? Did those words really come out of my mouth?

But those words did come out of my mouth and stay I did. So it wasn't until 10:30 p.m. that I clocked out and came home and here I've been for the last 3 hours too tired and sore to move. You're probably wondering why I just don't go to sleep, but I've come home to an empty apartment and I'm waiting for my boyfriend to come home from work. Poor kid had to work later than me. He works at a movie theater, isn't that thrilling? Sigh. We both have really poopy jobs that we hate.

Hmm... If I get fired for mentioning my place of employment in a blog, can I qualify for unemployment?

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