Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Beauty and the Beast

Last night I drove down to Orem, Utah to watch Brian's youngest sister perform in her middle school production of Beauty and the Beast Jr.  Brian, of course, couldn't see it as he is still performing nightly in Pirates of Penzance.  I felt like I was sorta filling in for him.  An understudy, if you will, to the Big Brother role.

The show itself was what you would expect from a young group of kids.  Some kids have talent, others don't.  But they all try and we all clap for them anyway.  Brian's sister did amazing, by the way!  She played one of the Silly Girls (you know, the ones that drool over Gaston all the time) and she was so fun to watch.  Always full of energy, yet never over the top.  Just spot on.

But the show itself really wasn't what made the night enjoyable.  I loved spending some time with her before hand, and then giving her a big hug and a flower afterwards.  Especially with my own brother and sister living so far away from me, it's nice to feel like part of their family.

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