Monday, March 29, 2010

Perverts in Public

While at work yesterday, one of my coworkers had an awkward and disgusting conversation with one of our customers.  She was showing the man some different lotions, and eventually had him try some on his hands, to which he says, "Oh, that feels real nice.  That would feel so good rubbed all over my nuts."

Of course my sweet, innocent coworker had no idea what to say to that.  So she just walked away from him and let me take over.  Later that day when some other employees showed up for their shifts, we retold the tale which proved to be the pebble needed to start the ripples in the pond.  By ripples I'm referring to the many similar (but far worse) experiences the other workers had to share. 

One girl answered the phone here at work only to have a man whisper, "Hey are you listening?" and she soon discovered that the man was masturbating over the phone.  Another girl was on her way to work one night, riding on the Trax, when she noticed the man in front of her was staring.  She busied herself with her phone to avoid his gaze, but happened to glance up to see him masturbating in full view of her.  Another gal I work with, remembered being in second grade where the man who delivered the school's milk would stand in the doorway to the boys' restroom and masturbate plain as day.  All the kids would see him as they made their way to the cafeteria.  Years later she discovered a man on a parked motorcycle masturbating to a nearby woman using the Red Box outside of a gas station.  In defense of this poor, unsuspecting woman, my coworker stepped out of her car and yelled, "YOU PUT THAT AWAY!"

I was shocked by these stories, as I imagine you are too.  These men are disgusting!  So ladies out there, my suggestion to you is to always carry a pair of scissors, so that when a situation like this arises, you can nip it in the bud!

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Rachel said...

Not only ladies....children too! Perverts are everywhere you least expect them to be, still can't believe how often it happens and people just walk away. Hats off to the co-worker who yelled put that away! There needs to be more people like them in this world! Maybe it would help get more of these pervs off the streets! By the way, nipping it in the bud is also an excellent idea!


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