Saturday, April 21, 2012

Mom's Visit

Continued from The Events Leading Up to Mom's Visit.

After a warm, happy hug at the door and some robust exercise (aka attaching a headboard, lifting mattresses and moving a dresser), we were more than ready for dinner.  My friend Michelle arrived and we all rode in Brian's car to Mi Ranchito just some three minutes up State Street.  It turned out that my mother had invited her Aunt Penny to come with us as well as my Uncle Greg's family.  This had me worried that dinner might be awkward (mostly because I haven't spoken to my great-aunt since I've come out of the closet), but dinner turned out to be just fine.  My pork chimichanga was pretty good and the conversations around the table were all interesting.  Even dangerous forays into politics proved civil and polite.

Brian and I invited everyone to come to our apartment for dessert and games after dinner.  Aunt Penny and her husband couldn't, but everyone else did.  Brian served apple pie with homemade ice cream, which we enjoyed while playing several rounds of Uno.  When Holmans play games they get serious... and with all the Draw Two cards being played and insults being hurled, it was miracle nobody was killed.  My little nieces, Stasha and Sylvia, entertained themselves with the few toys we have in the house:  a remote-controlled Wall-E and some stuffed animals.  It was fun having everyone around!

Greg's family left around 10pm or so and just Michelle and my mom stayed.  We discovered that my mom was a Modern Family virgin so we took care of that!  We watched the first few episodes and she seemed to like it quite a bit; she sure was laughing a lot.  Unfortunately bedtime came so she had to leave for her hotel, Michelle left to study for a test and Brian and I slept in our new bed for the first time.  It felt so weird to be up off the floor!

Wednesday morning after my classes, Brian and I met up with my mom to do some shopping, see my work and have lunch at Molly's.  Neither of them had eaten there before and they both enjoyed it immensely.  The food is so yummy!  My poor mother is probably completely broke by now because she paid for everything during her entire stay, including dinner for 8 people.  But I guess that's what moms are for.  She left for home that afternoon, and even though it was a short visit, I'm glad she came.  I sure do love her.

Greg, Sylvia, Stasha, me, my mom and Krista.  Don't ask me why the girls' eyes are glowing like that.

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