Sunday, April 22, 2012

Good People are Good People... Except the Creepers

One of Brian's former mentors, Laurel Barham, sent me a Facebook message quoting a really significant little conversation she had with her 13-year-old son, Nathan.  In order to understand the conversation more clearly, it might be nice to know a funny story from Brian's youth.  In the words of Laurel:
We were on St. George Tour and driving to Tuachan for a workshop.  For some reason Jordon (or Nick, now I can't remember who it was) opened the van door to throw something out while the car was moving.  Brian had a minor freakout and, in his Brian-panic-voice, screamed at the top of his lungs to shut the door.  "We're all going to get sucked out!"
Hee hee.  Oh how I would have loved to meet the teenage-version of Brian!  Anyway, on to the key point of this Facebook message, in Laurel's words:
Nathan:  Roll up the window.  You are going to get sucked out of the car!
Me (laughs.... thinks out loud):  We should tell Jack that story.
Nathan:  Yeah.  Wait, who is Jack?
Me:  Brian's boyfriend.
Nathan:  Oh. (pause, unbuckles seat belt, leans forward and pokes head between passenger and driver seat) Wait.  What?  Are you being sarcastic?
Me (totally moved on and forgot what we were talking about, ya know, like every normal A.D.D mom does):  What are you talking about?
Nathan:  You just said "boyfriend."  Is Brian gay?
Me:  Um, yeah.  Remember we talked about this?
Nathan:  No, I must have tuned you out. (sits back, returns to playing Nintendo D.S.)
Me: You okay?
Nathan:  Yeah, why? (now the A.D.D. son has totally moved on)
Me:  Just curious (turns at stop light... long pause...)  So what is your view on gay people?
Nathan:  Same as anybody else.  As long as they are nice, I don't care.   There are mean straight people and mean gay people; there are nice straight people and nice gay people. I just don't like the creepers.  Anyone can be a creeper.  Basically, it doesn't matter.  Good people are good people. (long pause) Was that the right answer?
Me:  Yup.
Nathan:  Brian is cool.  I always knew he cared about people.  Pretty sure he is not a creeper.  Do I even know Jack?
Me:  Yeah, you have met him.
Nathan:  Cool. (returns to Nintendo D.S.)
Apart from being slightly offended that Nathan could possibly forget meeting me, I thought this conversation was one of the greatest things I have ever heard!  I'm so glad Laurel shared it with me, and now I'm sharing it with you.   She calls it her "proud mom moment," and I completely agree.  It's nice to know the next generation will be a much more tolerant and understanding one.

Also, we now know the dangers of opening up van doors while driving.  Be careful, drivers.  Don't get sucked out.

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