Friday, June 18, 2010

Jeff Reads My Blog, Maybe?

Just a couple of hours after posting "Just Pay Me Already, Jeff!" I got a phone call from none other than Jeff Levin himself!  I guess blogging about my little dilemma paid off.  Well, I guess paid isn't the right word.  I still haven't been paid!

But... I now know that I have yet to be paid because I have yet to complete the project.  Although I thought it was done, and He Is We loved loved loved it (apparently Rachel asked to play it over and over), there is just one tiny little thing Jeff thinks I should tweak.

You see, I shot a good portion of the video using real actors.  And by shot I don't mean I filmed them.  No no.  That's much too normal and I'm not normal at all.  They would move little by little holding each pose so I could snap a picture using my Kodak Easyshare camera.  Watching each photo back to back creates the illusion of movement of course (ahem, animation). The only complaint Jeff had -- and this came more from the big wigs at Universal than from him -- was that the quality of the photographs isn't good enough for television.  He said that with my drawings it's okay, but with a photo of a person... not so much.

"Wait, television?  I thought this was going to be viral.  Spread throughout the internet like wildfire..."

"Well, yes, that's the general idea.  But if the video gains popularity, we'll want to submit it to MTV and such, so we'll want the video to be TV-ready just in case."

"Oh, so what should we do?"

"Draw over the real people.  Make them more cartoony."

"Um... okay.  It will take me a while."

"You can have another two weeks or so.  I'm going to try and get you more money than originally planned too."

Ka-ching.  So I have to draw cartoon people over the real people and then I'll get paid finally.  Oh, and more than I thought I would get paid in the first place.  That sounds totally easy... right?

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