Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Craft Time! Decorative Storage Boxes

I meant to post this ages ago but never did.  If I remember correctly, the March Optimism Challenge took over and then I just plain forgot after that.  Anyway, I'm not the craftiest person, but every once in a while I decide to make something.  We have open shelving in our bathroom, and all our extra soaps and shampoos and stuff were just sitting on the shelf looking ugly.  I thought they would look better in a wicker storage basket or something, but Brian had put me on a spending freeze.  So when I saw two identical boxes all discarded and lonely at work, I got an idea.  I could make a box out of a box!

The first thing I did was tape the flaps up (so the box would be taller), and then I just made sure all the corners and edges were sturdy by applying even more duct tape.

In order to give the final box more visual interest (so it didn't just look like a cardboard box), I cut out strips of cardboard (leftovers from all the Ikea furniture boxes) and taped them along the edges.

Then I tore up strips of paper (I used a parchment-colored resume paper, but any paper will do) and with a mixture of glue and water, I applied the paper to the boxes using a paintbrush until they were completely covered.  For those who don't know, this is a technique known as decoupage.

And after the glue dried (which took a while actually), I filled up my boxes and put them on the shelf!  They've been working out great!


Morgan Mikel said...

Much more clever than me. I would have just waited and bought a basket later. Very nice!

Summer Daniels said...
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