Saturday, June 4, 2011

Popcorn Poetry

At work Chelle and I were sitting in the "Love Shack" (the isolated little box where the cash registers are) and we were very bored.  She decided she would write a poem for me, and suggested that I do the same for her.  So on a small square of receipt tape we each wrote down our poems.  Mine went a little something like this:
My good friend Chelle
Actually, before I recite it you must know that her name is really Michelle but she goes by the last half and pronounces it like Shelly.  It rhymes with smelly.  Okay.  Got it?  I'lll start again:
My good friend Chelle
Is not smelly
In fact she's so well-groomed!
Her hair is pretty
Her pits aren't sweaty
And all the boys have swooned!
So swooned and groomed don't really rhyme...  more of a "near-rhyme."  But what do you expect from a poem scribbled down in less than a minute?  I think it's pretty catchy!

The poem she wrote for me went like this:
Jack, oh Jack
You've got my back
You make me smile
All the while
I'm locked in this box
And I'm not wearing socks
I need to sneeze
How about we leave?
Not too shabby, eh?  Although I do find it interesting that the poem she wrote about me turned into a poem about herself halfway through.  Typical teenage girl!

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