Monday, December 31, 2012

An Ode to 2012

Looking back at our calendar,
2012 was full of fun.
Let’s take a little look
at all the things that we have done

In January we started fresh
and made our resolutions.
We started hanging out with Brett
who’s full of contributions.

We found a new apartment
and in February moved in.
“Happy Valentine’s Day to us,”
we said, and then we lived in sin.

In March we had some visitors
and got a little loud.
We threw so big a party
the Great Gatsby would be proud!

Michelle and I went travelling
in April, yes indeed,
to Manti and to Logan
to see our friends in need.

May had Cinco de Mayo
for which we threw a fiesta,
and then we celebrated mothers
by taking a little siesta.

In June we went to Salt Lake City
and celebrated Gay Pride.
Brett and Wes accompanied
—we had so much fun we cried!

At Stadium of Fire
we celebrated July 4th,
then off to a family reunion
and Yellowstone up north.

In August we went to Colorado
for my sister’s wedding day,
then celebrated my birthday
with lots of PB&J!

September found us busy
with school again in session.
We went to a dog’s birthday party,
which is a strange confession…

Brian’s birthday is in October
as well as Halloween.
We also had a Bachelor’s Party
which was just a tad obscene.

November was the greatest month
with a trip to New York City.
Brian and I were married there
and our reception was oh so pretty!

In December we gave gifts
to our family and friends
and ate so many feasts,
we fattened our rear ends!

And now the year is over,
so we sing that famous song.
We’ll take a cup of kindness…
and thank God the Mayans were wrong!


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